the artist

Kamila, a 28-year-old photographer and artist, just finished her studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

With a mixed heritage of half-Spanish and half-Polish, Kamila has spent most of her life moving from one place to another, having lived in 19 different houses across four countries.

Despite not having a family, she has learned how to create a new sense of home wherever she goes. Her experiences have greatly influenced her work, which delves into the concept of how our surroundings impact our sense of self.

Through her photography, Kamila reflects on this experience and explores the connection between people and their environments.

Kamila’s love for photography began at a young age and has been a constant in her life, providing her with a sense of stability and creative expression.

Her work primarily focuses on architecture photography, capturing the beauty of buildings and the emotions they evoke. However, she also has a strong interest in product and event photography, and has worked on a variety of projects for clients in these areas.

Kamila is a dedicated and hardworking artist who strives to constantly improve her craft, and she is excited to see where her passion for photography will take her in the future.