I shouldn’t be writing this email

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When Friday morning arrived and I could read in my calendar “Newsletter Writing”, I always found a very important and very urgent matter that needed to be completed precisely at this moment: doing the dishes, watering my plants, ordering my computer folders, resuming my guitar learningโ€ฆ Everything was more urgent and more important than writing these emails.

And I didn’t know why.

Writing is not the issue. I love writing. Some proofs of that:

  • I wrote my first short story when I was nine years old. It was about a boy called Bruno who had a dog called Boris; the story wasn’t very exciting, but it was written a couple of months after having moved to Spain, and to practise, I wrote it in both languages: Polish and Spanish. I still have it and feel very proud of it.
  • I participated (and won) a few writing contests, wrote and self-edited a book, and participated in three poetry anthologies.
  • I started my first diary just before turning 11 years old and kept writing them until now. I have a box full of them.
  • I learned how to create a blog in High School, opened the first one when I was 15, and created five or six since then. One was about photography and music and it still exists, although the last entry is from June 2013, ten years ago.
  • I created two written courses for my previous business: an online academy about order, organization, and time management. Both of them had more than 100 pages each.
  • I loved writing my University dissertation, got a First on it, and want to study for a PhD to be able to do research and write and be paid for it.

No. Definitely, writing wasn’t the problem.

So, what was it?

At the end of June, I sat in front of a piece of paper and created a plan for this newsletter. Every month had assigned a topic that I would treat through 4 or 5 different emails, depending on the month. The topics were business and art related, and the subjects of the newsletters were very interesting. I am sure that people would really enjoy reading some emails about these topics.

There was just one minuscule, teeny-tiny issue: I hated them.

Trying to create an amazing, wonderful, super-duper strategy, I forgot about the most important thing: me.

I know; it sounds very egocentric or childish, or unrealistic. But the thing is: I want to enjoy my business. I know that not everything will be lollipops, unicorns, and cotton candy, but I created this business and am doing this mainly to enjoy my life. If I stop enjoying this, it loses its sense and purpose, and it would be time to change and do something different.

So I need to stop and rethink this. Think about what I want to tell you and how. Make a list of all I know, love, and want to share with you. Think a bit less about strategy, paperwork, and business plans and more about what I am passionate about.

And no, I am not passionate about writing a whole email about “the importance of rest” (which should be today’s topic).

In the meantime, please feel free to email me and tell me what you would like to read here or learn from me. What questions do you have? About photography, productivity, self-development, art, moving to the UK, living in the UK? Books, podcasts, cleaning your house, happiness? Tell me everything that worries you and I’ll do my best.

Oh, and before leaving, one more thing: this newsletter will be in English. When you joined, you could choose between English and Spanish; I understand you might feel unhappy with this decision. That’s okay. Below this text, you can see an “Unsubscribe” button: feel free to press it. I will be really sorry to see you go, but I would feel worse if I had to write every week in two languages and format twice the same email. My life is in the UK, and my business is in the UK. And while I am happy that Spanish people read me and my store is open to every country, I need to prioritise myself and my wellbeing. I hope you stay, but if not, it was very nice sharing this journey with you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Heading out. See you soon with lots of interesting content and lovely emails.

Please, write to me! ๐Ÿ˜Š