The most important question

🔋 Mood: Planning lots of things. Excited.

Drinking: Raspberries milkshake

🎶 Listening: The washing machine. It’s not a song.

When you start a business, they always tell you that there is one question you should ask yourself: what makes my business special?

So obviously, I did it. I asked myself the question, and I found… nothing. What makes my business special? Well, obviously, my products. My images, my designs… all these things are completely unique. Nobody else sells my photographs, postcards, and designs because they are 100% mine. But that’s not enough to make it special.

How do you convince people to buy it? You cannot just go and say, “Hey, like my images.” People either like them or not.

Another thing that makes my business unique, obviously, is me. I am unique like everybody else. But that’s something that makes every business special, right? A different person runs every business, so that’s not a big factor either.

So I ended up stuck.

What made MY business unique? What was I missing?

And yesterday, I found the answer: what I was missing was the correct question.

Ask yourself: how do you want to help people? What can you do for them? What can you teach them? What can your products do for them?

It’s not about what makes my business unique; it’s about how this uniqueness can help people, how my products can help people, and how I can help people.

My photographs and my mindset are about finding magic every day. They are about making the world more beautiful, looking at the small details, not just the big image, and enjoying life more by surrounding yourself with art.

If you want to surround yourself with my art, go to my shop and enjoy the magic of the Spanish windows now!